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For those 325 owners who want to get the Titanium Headlight Kit, and do the install yourself, use the excellent instructions from this link:

PerformanceIX Instructions

Note: The instructions say you will need a socket wrench with a 6" extender. I found no use for this. I did the whole job with a philips screwdriver, and a long shaft flathead screwdriver (small head best).

Best to get the kit from Circle BMW, as they include the trim pieces, instructions, etc:

Circle BMW

If you have a 2002 coupe/convert, they may tell you that "it won't fit". Ignore this - The trim kit works for all 325 2001 and 2002 coupes and converts. But only 325 four door sedans up to production 8/01. Just tell them to send you the part. As you can see from the pic below, the trim fits just fine.


1) From my experience with the install, 2002 models may be different regarding the following: In the first step where you remove the side lights - there is no tab to push down and forward. This appears to have been replaced by a clamp arrangement. You will need a philips screw driver to loosen it - then slide the side light out.

2) Have a vacuum and brush ready, and as you disassemble, clean as you go. You will find a surprising amount of dirt and sand behind all the pieces (I did the install in March).

3) Be VERY careful with the parts. They all have delicate plastic tabs and clips, which break with very little pressure. Take your time - don't rush it. I broke a few tabs, but thankfully, each part seems to have 3 times more tabs than needed, so everything still fit snugly. It was also about 40 degrees out when I did the job, so it warmer weather, the plastic may be a little more forgiving.

4) In the instructions, the most difficult part involves a clip which holds the corner of the trim below the headlight lens (Step 5) to the fender. This is indeed a pain. I opted to leave it attached, and with utmost care, pulled it out and to the side as much as possible (I had some reservations about doing this. I fiddled with the fender clip, and couldn't get it to release, so I took a chance and left it) In the picture for step 4, you will see a clip which is next to the fender clip. As you pull the trim away, gently get this clip to release. Then use the fender clip as a hinge. The hard part is getting this clip to go back, because once released, it'll look like it won't fit back in. Don't worry - with a firm grip on the trim, pull the piece towards the center of the car, while at the same time, with your thumb, ease this clip back into it's socket. Once this is done, the rest follows quickly.

5) Make sure all parts are firmly seated when you put everything back together, so nothing is out of alignment.

As the PerformanceIX instructions stated, the entire job took less than 20min, and the results look great!


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At least with pre-2002 models, the Titanium headlight trims came with instructions! They were crappy and even had somethings wrong.

Probably the hardest part was re-attaching the hoses for the headlight washing system. A tight fit!

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