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To get sportiness, give up reliability?

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This isn't a scientific assessment, but it seems that with more performance in handling and speed, the car is not as reliable. For example, Toyota/Lexus cars are very reliable, but not the most sporty cars out there. And out of all Lexus cars, I believe that the IS300 is one of Lexus' most unreliable. At one time Ferrari were very unreliable, breaking down often. So to get the handling and performance of our BMW's do you think we have to put up with some unreliability? Is it reasonable to get a car that's great in performance and reliability (best of both worlds)? Granted that BMW's are above average according Consumer Reports and JD Powers in reliability, so we do come close to having it all.
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I think . . .

it has to do with how the cars are driven. I would imagine sportier cars on average are driven harder than the granny going to church LS430.

On the S2000, my co-worker had one and the clutch burned up after a few thousand miles. Honda replaced it under warranty, but again, it's how they're driven.
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