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Top Gears 7 series race

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Did you see the US version of Top Gear? They welded a 3series on top of a 7 series, Steering from top driver, gas from bottom driver and raced around an oval. Such a shame to see them destroyed like that.
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Hopefully those are salvage.

Ehh Top Gear US is something I watch when both Top Gear UK and Fifth Gear aren't on. I was more appalled when Tanner used a 528i over a diesel BMW for the long-distance challenge on the newest episode.
Awesome top gear of the 2010 760 vs. S600

Sweet tire smoking drifts by the both cars. The MB seemed to have the edge on brute power over the BMW, but the BMW seemed to be more refined and include more features. After watching the video, I'd take either of them...and the test track for a day. Check out the video on's worth the 8 minute watch!
yea. the US version is very weak compared to the UK Top Gear
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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