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top hose is leaking

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I replaced the radiator two years ago on 2008 328i and now is leaking. I bought a new one and replaced it a couple of days ago. The top hose is dripping from the end where connects with the radiator. The new radiator came in with an O ring which I think to replace the old seal of the hose. I fits just right but still leaks minimally and when slightly moving the end of the hose it leaks more.. What is wrong with the picture....The hose is a year old.


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Did you buy an original one or aftermarket? I also replaced my entire cooling system but the fitment is alway a hit or miss.
When i started the car for the first time it leaked badly from some places, once it was fully presurized it sealed everywhere and stayed sealed aswell.

Because of this i advise to only buy oem.
I bought the hose from Oreilly a year a go and was not leaking until I replaced the radiator this week when started leaking. I removed it and lubricated the seal and install it back. It has been OK so far.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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