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This is my first post in the forums. So far I've been able to find all kind of answers by reading other posts.

I have a 330ci convertible 2001, now with 106.000miles. I have this problem with the top that it won't go either down of up. (Now is in closed position, but won't go down)

A bit of earlier problems: It started with, when open closing all the way until almost closed. Then, after a couple minutes it will close. Until 1 day it would close almost until the end but then it won't move any farther, so I had to look for the special key to close it manually.

Now the indicator show a RED SOLID LIGHT when I intent to open the top. I open it manually just until there is a gap and then I try to close it with the button, but nothing. It shows a FLASHING RED LIGHT. So I close it manually again.

I made sure that there are not broken cables in the trunk (there were 2 that belonged to the rear lights, now fixed)
I also when under the back seat to play with the motor (Unlock it, and locke it again).
I also disconnect the battery and when I connected it again and try to open the top, the motor moved to a lock position.

Now I start thinking that It might be one of the sensors, but not sure which one. I not sure If I should by the sensors, and then if that was not the case, expend $ for nothing.

I know it has nothing to do with the Cargo in the trunk.

1) if anybody think this could be the sensors, DO YOU KNOW WHERE ARE THEY LOCATED?

Thanks so much. I hope I explain my self good enough :angel:
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