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Topaz Curse?

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So what's this I hear from time to time about the "Topaz Curse?" :dunno:
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From June 01 to December 01, on the .org website.. there was just a rash of owners that had nothing but bad luck, and all of them had one thing in common, Topaz Blue.
I confess...I think I started it all. :(

I started the rumour that bugs, maggots and roaches were attracted to my car after a wash one day. It was so bad that I had to call AAA-Calif for help. Guess what? Some folks out there actually believed it. I did that to push pple away from choosing topaz blue.

Akabuki said that he found a spider living in his side mirror. Then I got a ding on my 7th day of ownership. Chris Blessing's 330i got a dent from a drunken cyclist. Robert Halton's engine failed and had to be replaced (Jon Shafer can verify that). Bol got into accidents. Another guy's side mirror flew off or something like that.

:cry: :cry:
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Wow! did anyones head spin around and spit pea soup? redrum redrum... Time for a TB exorcism!
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