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touch-up paint question

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I picked up touch-up paint for future use yesterday for 2002 330ci in Jet Black. The parts advisor said it's "paint code 688, schwarz II". I didn't know they changed the formulation of Jet Black this year. Is this correct.
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check out RIP's post last week about Bright red and clearcoat..on page 2 of the thread, there are posts of color charts and codes
Paint seemed ok.

Bought the touch up tube sometime ago. The pkg. did say
Schwarz II.

Didn't thnk much about it. Used the paint and it matched.

FYI - when you first apply it, it will appear brownish in color. It blends in nicely when dry. After you apply the clear - match is nearly 100%

Hope this helps
Check out to remove touch up paint blobs. Heard it works pretty well.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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