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Touch-up SPRAY Paint - Pls Help...

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Does anyone know where I can still get this part? I know that my dealership said they no longer make it. Anyone have the part number for Orient Blue or who I should contact to order it? Thanks in Advanced!

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spray paint

try 1-800-779-6520 with your paint code and they will mix it and but it in a spray can for $15.00
just ordered it

fuuny thing, I've been looking for spray paint myself but had no luck until I viewed a post about a guy painting his headlight surrounds the same color of his car and in addition to the picture of the painted parts was the paint can with it's name on it. Did a search on yahoo and found the site and phone number. By the way, the paint code is on the drivers side stut brace under the hood. A 3 digit #
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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