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Towbar electrics just stopped working

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Hi All
New member so please be gentle. Done lots of searching but I can't find any reference to this problem.

I have a 730d (yes, UK based) and had an after market towbar professionally installed. All has worked fine for months, until all the electrics to the towbar went dead yesterday. It's not the trailer - tested that. It's the car.

All the other electrics are working fine so I assumed it must be something simple like a fuse. Checked the fuse box in the right hand side of the rear luggage compartment and the fuse plan referred to three different locations for towbar fuses. Great. Except there were no fuses in any of the slots. Now a bit stumped.

Nobody has been playing with the fusebox either.

It's a public holiday here so no dealers open to ask and I need to get on the road first thing in the morning (before the dealers open).

So anyone got any suggestions? Is there another fuse or "something" that can explain all the towbar electrics being dead?

Thanks in advance for any help
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I highly doubt that the aftermarket tow-bar used the factory connections for the hookup to the tow-bar. My suggestion would be to try to follow the wires from the back of the tow-bar and see where they lead. One should be the power wire (probably a slightly thicker wire) and at some point it should have an inline fuse on it like this:

That fuse may have blown and may need replacement.

Also if that doesn't work, make sure the power wire is properly hooked up to whatever is powering it, and the fuse for that system is good as well!
Many thanks - I'll give that a go.

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