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TPMS and Tail Light Sensor Issues at same time - Related?

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Hi All,

First post on this site, but have appreciated all the insights I have learned for y'all over the years.

I am having an issue that I can't seem to figure out and has stumped my indy shop too (they have their speculations - more on that in a bit).

2007 328i Coupe.

I had a bunch of engine work done recently (replaced valve cover and crank case sensor??). Heard a loud pop and the dashboard lit up like a xmas tree. After fixed I got the wheels rotated and reset the TPMS. The car has driven great for the last 2 weeks since then until yesterday.

Pulling out of a parking lot all of a sudden my dash dinged a few times and both the Exterior Light warning came on, then (basically at the same time) a low tire pressure (front right) warning came on. About 1 minute later the TMPS warning switched to being Inactive. For the last 2 days, every time i get in the car these two warning lights will intermittently come on, then go away, then come on again. I made it a whole 10 miles without any issues only to have them start up again.

I had all the TPMS sensors tested and they all work great and the car threw a taillight code once, but that was it.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

My indy shop is tempted to think it is the FRM Module, but they say it's a guess and it will be $700 to fix (good deal?).

Any insights would be helpful! Thanks.

UPDATE: A few more things to note with this...
- After driving for a while it seems that things settle down. Not sure if it's related to being on freeways (it takes some start and stop driving to get to the freeway, then it's smooth driving)... Though it does still happen periodically on freeways at higher speeds. Also, a bit more 50% of the time that this happens I have my foot on the brake. Not sure if that means anything.
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They most likely replaced the eccentric shaft sensor with valve cover replacement.

What is the condition of your car battery?

Check the rear taillight bulb carriers.....early model coupes are known to have issues with the bulb holders.

Could also be failing wiring insulation in the trunk harness....especially if it's a fixture in the trunk lid and not on the body.
Thanks for the quick reply fdriller9.

You are absolutely right, that's the sensor they replaced.

The battery is about 8 months old and seems to be working fine otherwise.

I should also mention that we noticed the taillight was dimmer on one side. Swapped the bulbs and the dim side stayed the same (so it's not the bulb). Do you think that the bulb harness could be causing the TPMS to act up? It really does seem like the two are related.

Added a few more details to the initial post.
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