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TD said:
You need to have MORE up front that inteh rear to offset the understeer inherent in the stagger.
From an autocross perspective (which grew by leaps and bounds yesterday at the SCCA event at FedEx Field yesterday...great course which taught me more than I would have thought)...

By adjusting tire pressures, you adjust how much traction that a tire can give you. By running the rears lower than the front (up to a point) you are reducing the amount of traction at the rear to match what's available at the front, which will change the car's balance. The car may feel better, but that won't make it go faster directly. For some people, having a neutrally balanced car is so much easier to drive that they can turn in faster times despite having less actual grip available.

I like Nate's 40/40 starting point. Learning the lines and gaining experience is going to be the biggest factor initially, and it won't really matter too much what pressures that you're running. Once you start getting consistant is when you should start making adjustments.
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