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Tracking new BMW

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A little bragging here... Was able to successfully track my new 550i on its way from Germany :)
Figured out the ship it was on, signed up for maritime port alerts, and watched a live webcam as the ship sailed through the locks of the Panama Canal! I'm not obsessed, I swear :)


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I think I would do exactly the same thing!
I was expecting to see a "race track" story... lol.... :)

Cool idea though, how did you find out what ship the car was on?
Hahaha no not quite!
I knew the production date and estimated arrival date at the dealer from when we ordered the car, so I just went on the BMW carrier Wallenius Wilhelmsen's site and checked the schedules of ships (specifically vehicle carriers) headed to Port Hueneme around that time. That scheduled route only sails every other week or so, so it beck obvious which one it was on. Used bmw's (outdated) site to help confirm production status etc, and my dealer called a couple days ago to give me a confirmation of arrival date. I told him I was way ahead of him and had been following the ship since before it made it to Europe . With the help of a few Marine tracking websites I stalked the ship, got email updates and everything. All the major ports and waterways have webcams these days, so it was just a matter of timing :)
Very interesting, nice detective work there Sherlock Holmes. :typing:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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