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He's got an 05 or 06 (I don't know which) STi.

This car is just nuts. The center diff is amazing. This car does not have traction control... instead, if you find yourself in trouble, point the front wheels where you want to go and put your right foot down.

I prefer RWD, just because I see it as more of a challenge....something I'll spend my life perfecting (I feel the same way about 6spd vs SMG).

I had to pull over at one point to make sure I didn't have a flat tire - the STi is *loud*. My wife actually said she felt "unsafe" in it. Regardless as to the actual crash test ratings, the car doesn't feel solid. Yes, it's very stiff, but it's not solid. Hard to explain... It's a $10k car with a $15k engine and a $5k diff :).

Turbo lag is especially evident in the 1-2 shift... shift into second, let off the throttle.. you are thrown forward by the loss of momentum, then thrown back 1/4sec later as the turbo kicks in. If I were doing a drag strip run, I'd just leave my foot in it and let the rev limiter keep the engine from blowing up :).

But yeah... that car has a lot of power. It's not linear, it's not smooth, it's not quiet, but it sure is fun.

Driving my car at the limit is "controllable"... Driving the STi at the limit is "hectic" :).

The owner was thinking of selling it... he wants something a little less "boy racer"... so of course I'm trying to bring him over to the ///dark side.

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Alvizzo913 said:
I'd love to drive an STi, but the dealers around here don't let you test drive them unless you go through a long process with credit checks, etc.
In MA? really?

I test drove two or three of them when I was shopping. The Evo guys were a lot harder to convince. The STI dealers are throwing these cars at any prospective buyer.

If you want to test drive one, try Maynard or Norwood, no problems getting a test drive there.
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