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Trailer hitch for an E46M3

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Does BMW or anybody make a trailer hitch for the new M3? It would be nice to tow tools and wheels to local club races without a truck
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That just seems .. wrong
Agreed.... what would you want to pull with an M3?
How could the poor trailer keep up?
Cowboy said:
That just seems .. wrong
A better option would be get a trailer (with a big tote box) for your car! Get an old pick up truck to tow it with, then tow your car and extra stuff to the meets!

Just say 'No' to towing with a M3! ;)

Just talking about a mini-trailer which many autocrossers and track day guys use that carries tyres and tools about 3-4 ft long!!!!!

Get A032s and drive them to and from the track.

Didn't know they came in 18s. Anyway, BMWCCA roadracer.

VT325xi has a hitch on his car... search for the old posts on H&R springs and you'll find pictures and comments.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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