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I have lamp comes on which indicates TRANS,FAIL SAFE PROGRAM appears . My car BMW X5 2001. I tried some ways recommended from user manual but it still have the same issue. I tried to drive Auto mode in D drive and also manual mode starting S1,2,3,4,5. It seems very thing is normal. The RPM is increased and decreased as expected. The scanner only shows the code P0141 which indicates oxygen sensor problem
What is causing this lamp comes on? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Hey mate!
I ve got the same year as a 4.4i and I typically have these issues you mentioned when the battery voltage is lower than the beemer wants it. The gear solenoids in the tranny are very sensitive to undervoltage. My bentley manual says that a battery voltage of 12.2 volts means 25% charge and I reckon when you are somewhere there that you will get these codes. I also get O2 sensor codes mostly bank 1 or tranny temp sensor issues. If you charge your battery with a good battery charger and a multi meter shows you like 12.8 volts or more then you will probably get rid of these issues. My alternator is on its way out so I get these codes more frequent now but when I charge the battery, it takes one or 2 days until they come back. Next time you have these codes, charge the battery, delete all the codes and see which ones on the same day will come back (with a fully charged battery).
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