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Transmission Fault

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Hello, BMW E90 330D AUTOMATIC 2007 HERE

So i got Transmission Fault displayed, and car only runs in first gear but wont change gears and Manual/Sport modes wont work i can shift to them but doesnt work, and when going from Park to Drive car jerks more when without fault. After removing fault code car runs fine for 15-20 mins until it gets the fault again..

So did diagnostic and found those faults. Now the question is might it be because it needs reprogramming, and the fault im most concerned is about turbine speed sensor, how hard is it to change it since diagnostic says its bad cant find anywhere on internet specific for bmw e90 nothing about it.

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But might that be the cause of all this, car was running fine when out of nowhere fault came in and it got into limp and since those 4 faults are quite bad ones car should run badly all the time i guess but it runs fine after reseting the fault 🤯
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