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Transmission flange failing

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Hello! I just started replacing my guibo for my 99 z3 roadster, because of some clunking between 2 and 3000 rpm, and when I got the old guibo out I saw these chippings or whatever you might call it. The bolts holding the guibo were also kind of like this, looking like something had been rubbing on it, or chipping it or something. I really don’t understand what has happened. I find this super strange! Do anyone know what is happening and is there anything I could do against it, or should I just replace it?
Best regards Jon


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It looks like the Giubo has failed, so the driveshaft bolts have been hitting the output flange. What do the opposite bolts look like?
I think it's OK to re-use the transmission output flange since the damage does not affect the mounting bosses. You will need to periodically inspect it, though. I wouldn't re-use the driveshaft side since it looks like those bosses are damaged.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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