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Transmission Hesitation at Initial Acceleration

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After fixing my last issue on my 2009 x3 with approximately 264k miles, about 200 miles after fix started getting a hesitation at accelerating from a stopped position. Tends to be better in sport or manual mode but frankly is still there. When it happens, you hit accelerator, it initially goes slightly, long pause and then it will go. Sometimes between initial go and pause, a quick 4x4 light pops up for no reason other than it though wheels slipped. Just to be clear, I do believe the problem has been around for a bit but was masked with previous issue of a failed DISA. Now that all other issues have been resolved, time to tackle this one.

At the moment, all control units are happy and reporting no issues except for the following faults (these are faults AFTER issue actively happens):

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The RLS and KOMBI are related and are caused by a Safelight windshield I put on the car about 7 years ago to pass MD state inspection. I haven't spent a who lot of energy trying to get the RLS to initialize but I am sure I could with some coding and work.

That leaves the no comm's with TCU. I can easily see and clear faults and run troubleshooting on the EGS. Matter in fact, I reset adaptations and it is currently shifting fine. What's struggling to communicate is the EGS 0x32 module. Next step is to go through the troubleshooting process and check fuses but I am 99% sure that those will check out fine.

My suspicion right now is that I have an alternator that is starting to flake out. It was caked in oil from the OFHG failure and wouldn't be surprised if maybe that is causing the EGS module to see faulty voltages. Starter and battery were replaced about 5k miles issues starting and no issues with low voltage. Let me know if the group has any other working theories. Not a lot of other examples of this particular fault popping up so figured I better document it for the broader group.
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