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Hi guys,

Not sure if this is normal but when i accelerate in the first gear just before the car is switching in the 2nd gear I have some kind of hesitation like in the in the lower video, between 24s-30s. The rpm is increasing the stops for a moment then continues to increase. This is visible only when shifting from the first gear to the second and less visible from 2nd to 3rd.

Other symptoms that i have:
1. Downshifting is not as smooth it used to be, when the car downshifts I can feel how the engine tries to accelerate a bit. Exactly like when you are driving manual transmission car ans you downshift but you release to quickly the clutch pedal, you feel a jerk.

2. When slowing down just around stopping the car (8 mph) the car shifts from the 2nd gear to the 1st one, which is normal, but, when i accelerate i feel a small hit/jerk. This happens from time to time. Never happens when I completely stop the car, but this is not possible all the time, sometime you slow down and then you need to take off.

3. I feel that the care does not have the same power it used to have, when in low rpm, pushing the gas will cause the engine to vibrate a bit just before the turbo kicks in. Maybe this is normal with engine wear but i'm not sure. I don't know anybody else with the same engine.

No errors related to the transmission, I have attached the logs that I downloaded with bimmerlink

Went to see the dealer, they say there is nothing wrong with the car but it runs like ****. Really disappointes in BMW for a 65k euros car. I feel more passionate to drive my old 2006 Opel Corsa that has 165k miles. What a joke BMW is...

Car historic:
28000km EGR valve was replace in warranty
35000km EGR radiator were both faulty, causing severe damage to the intake manifold. All got replaced in warranty.

420xd 190hp
Around 30k miles (50k km)

What do you think?
In February the warranty will expire and i'm a bit stressed.


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the shifting could be a solenoid going bad
afaik bout the power loss dunno the diesel engines well
but intuitively turbos do lose power over time for obvious reason and diesels must be worse
maybe an oil catch can to prevent any recirc exhaust blowby from the more powerful diesel
also check out to see if your intake valves are built up again..maybe walnut blasting
its kinda early but I dunno if diesels have a special prob with this and you already mentioned issues with intake manifolds
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