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Tried P21S Gel wheel cleaner

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I regularly use P21S regular formula to clean my wheels, but recently I ran out of it. When I was up at my dealer, they were all out of the regular P21S, but had a few boxes of the P21S gel formula (gold box), which is intended for heavily soiled wheels. For the heck of it, I tried it.

I had a chance to use it on Friday and have to say I'm extremely impressed with the results. To use, you spray it on, let it sit for up to 2 hrs, and either wipe it off with a sponge, or rinse it off. I used a 16 oz bottle of water to rinse off, and the wheels are extremely clean... with less fuss than the P21S regular formula. The gel really clings to the wheel working its magic on brake dust.

According to P21S, it's non-acid, non-lye based so I'm comfortable with using it on a regular basis.

The only complaint I have is that spraying the gel is a little messy.

Definitely worth a try though!

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Cool, will have to pick some up next time I downtown. :thumb:
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