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What do you think of Tanin interior?

  • Tanin rocks!!!

    Votes: 19 73.1%
  • Hideous. Red belongs on bar stools!

    Votes: 3 11.5%
  • Why can't everyone just get along?

    Votes: 4 15.4%

Trolling for Tanin--What Years Was It Offered? (in the US) Pics?

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Of late, I have decided that SG+Tanin is the best combo. Real classy, just like me. :D

But it doesn't seem to be offered anymore. Thats fine, cause I'm thinking getting a used car anyway. So a few qstns:

1) What year(s) was Tanin offered?

2) Besides SG, what other ext. colors does it look good with? Black? Silver? Funny thing is, I really dont like SG that much except with the Tanin). Otherwise, I'd prefer go for OB + black.

3) Curious to know what other people think of it. Hate/love/lukewarm, whatever. I'll do the poll thing if I figure it out.

4) Oh yeah, proud owners, feel free to show off pics...
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Thanks for the response, guys. Those are some really nice pictures all around. Being able to look at the interior is definitely a legit reason for getting a convertible, mike :thumb:. I'm pretty sold on the Tanin. Trust me to like the color that's been discontinued.

The interior shots taken in daylight all look really good (the flash seems to make it look redder).

I also did a search (yes, I figured that out), and found one with Tanin/Alum trim. Nice!!:

Alex, I think you actually started the thread on that link. So did you consider switching to alum. trim. why/why not? (I assume it's possible to get the trim separately, same as 2002 trim, correct?)

So it looks like everyone's 2000 or 2001 so far.

One thing I was trying to figure out: so the 323/328 became 325/330 in 2001, and they also changed the steering wheel. So isn't that also when they started using the M68 wheels? I think Steve has a picture of a 2000 328 with those wheels, so I'm not sure...

The reason I ask is Im trying to figure out how much work I'll have to do to get exactly what I want:

1) tanin
2) Alum trim
3) SG (somewhat flexible, maybe Black or Silver)
4) m68 style wheels (or other really cool ones like Alexs)
5) New style steering wheel (slight preference)

I think 2001 would have everything w/o requiring any work, but 2000 would be cheaper...

Also, I get the impression that changing steering wheel can mess w/ airbag, which seems a bit shady. But thats another topic...
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