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I have a 2003 525I, 174,000 miles I drive to and from work about 60 miles daily and my check engine light came on two days ago. Went by Autozone and I got error 741 - Torque converter clutch circuit w/3 probable causes: poor electrical connection, low transmission fluid level and failed TCC solenoid.

My car is driving well there is a little stalling every so often but very in frequent. I took it by a transmission shop and he drove it and connect to machine and said I need to replace my transmission because it's going bad and will eventually stop. He wants to charge $2400.00.

My questions - is this common, can I not just replace TCC & add transmission fluid without replacing transmission all together.

Has anyone else had this problem, are they pulling a fast one on me? If I got to replace then I will but I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing and getting what I need.
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