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I'm not new to car stereo installs, etc. - I'm 54 years old and I've done many, many, many of them over the years, both for myself and others.

That said...

I am putting a custom subwoofer in my trunk. I am concerned (a little, anyway) that the pressure from the sub will cause issues/distortion/coloring of the tiny 4" rear deck speakers since they share the same space. I picture them acting as little tiny passive radiators! lol

(in all my years of owning and customizing cars, I've never had a trunk sub in a car with rear deck speakers -- usually they were in the rear doors or other place besides the deck. Or I didn't use a trunk sub)

I thought about removing them but I like the rear fill effect.


For those that "know", please offer your opinion. Others... well, please don’t. ;)


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