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Hi All,

I'm new here, wanted to get started with coding, but facing some problems that I was hoping you could help with.

I have a 2012 X3 (F25) that I want to try and code. What I'd like to do for a start is:
- Auto start / stop memory (so it remains off).
- AC circulation memory (so I don't need to set it every journey).
- Enable EBT. (I have a CIC iDrive so apparently I will need to check some stuff to see if I can enable EBT).

And then see where I can go from there. :D

From my reading I determined that I need E-Sys to code Fxx cars. I followed the steps at this thread:

And now I have E-Sys 3.27.1 and E-Sys Launcher Premium 2.7.1. I already have an ENET cable. For the record I'm working on a VM hosted off a MacBook Pro, as I do not have a Windows laptop available.

Main problem I'm currently stuck at is that E-Sys Launcher requires an activation code, therefore I can't get started at verifying the connectivity. Tried fresh VMs with Windows installed in US locale and UK locale, still both require activation codes. :dunno:

Can someone help me please? I'm a software developer, so I am already technically astute, but this is a different (and interesting) challenge I hope you could help me with.

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Sorry, but no getting around E-Sys Launcher Activation Code. You must get from Developer TokenMaster, but he has been out of pocket quite a while now.
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