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tune advise N55

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Hello everyone,

I'm planing on doing a tune for my car 2014 BMW 535 xDrive (F10-N55) pneumatic wastegate.

I have the dinantronics stage 1 that I can control through my phone but for some reason I feel like it's not doing much.
The mods I have on my car are DP, CP, BMS intake and BMW M performance exhaust.

What do you recommend for the tune? I'm leaning toward bootmod3 if anyone has experience with it.

In the future I do want to upgrade the turbo and use a meth kit but that's not until a year from now maybe.

Thank you guys. :thumbup:
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2014 might be electronic wastegate... anyway my 2011 6mt pneumatic Watergate had the m performance exhaust and was stock otherwise. I went with the mhd tune stage 1, no complaints. Very smooth.

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Bootmod is one of our most popular options.
We offer it for $595 + free Enet cable and decals.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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