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I just leased a loaded 2018 X5 50 (F15) and I am thinking of getting a strong tune.

In my current 550 F10 I have a racechip but I was wondering if I can get a solid tune that is better. I tried to search the forum but could not locate any specific places that offer this type of tune in north New Jersey area. Any suggestions?

First thing when my vehicle arrives next week, I will put in the x-pipes and delete the rear muffler. And then I will get the tune. Thanks everyone.

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Check BPC tunning in google.
I have checked them but they are in Raleigh, NC.
Correct, its kind of DIY. They will mail you cable to download your current file and later to upload tune file. You will always be able to flash to stock if desired using same method. Another way is to pull ECU and ship it to them (hard way).
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