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Turning off your lights at a stop

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Hey, so the last time I went to Japan, they reminded me of this little thing they do, which is when they stop at a stop light, they turn off their main beams and just go to their parking lights. This is out of courtesy. If my memory serves me, they do something similar in Europe, no? I've been prone to do it in drive thrus as well, just being nice to the guy in front of me (though my guess is they don't even get it). Does anyone know anything more about this? Should we all start a new fad here in the States?
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Imola Ed said:
I really wish people here would appreciate when people flash their brights to pass. They just get angry
This seems to be more accepted in the eastern US than western, I've noticed.

I've never seen anyone flash, and I've never been flashed to get to the right, here in CA... yet would see it all the time in NJ/NY/CT/MA/RI/NH/ME.

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