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Turning off your lights at a stop

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Hey, so the last time I went to Japan, they reminded me of this little thing they do, which is when they stop at a stop light, they turn off their main beams and just go to their parking lights. This is out of courtesy. If my memory serves me, they do something similar in Europe, no? I've been prone to do it in drive thrus as well, just being nice to the guy in front of me (though my guess is they don't even get it). Does anyone know anything more about this? Should we all start a new fad here in the States?
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Imola - That is correct, in Europe it is similar as well. It was general courtesy to turn off main lights when cars are stopped head to head on an intersection. Of course there were people that would sometimes would forget, and everybody would look at them with angry eyes :)

Here too, I turn off my main lights on intersections that I know is disturbing to cars on the other side waiting. As you said they don't get it, but hey, it makes me feel better.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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