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Turning off your lights at a stop

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Hey, so the last time I went to Japan, they reminded me of this little thing they do, which is when they stop at a stop light, they turn off their main beams and just go to their parking lights. This is out of courtesy. If my memory serves me, they do something similar in Europe, no? I've been prone to do it in drive thrus as well, just being nice to the guy in front of me (though my guess is they don't even get it). Does anyone know anything more about this? Should we all start a new fad here in the States?
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I've been in Germany for over 2 years now and I have never noticed anything like this. The only thing with headlights that I have noticed is during the day if you see headlights flashing on the autobahn....Move Over. Because that means that something is coming fast in the left lane. Probably some type of S-something Audi or a big E class or bigger benz. You don't see too many BMW's driving 120+ on the autobahn though. Maybe one or two riced out e36's but thats about it. During the night its the same thing only with the left blink and not the high beams. Don't ever and I mean ever pass on the right. You will get some of the meanest, dirtiest, and ugliest looks you have ever seen.
Re: Warning! Ranting Below

Wingboot said:
I would say that when I saw someone driving with their fog-lights on while it was not foggy 98% of the time it was an American, 1% where probably forgetful Germans and the other 1% were the coffee can exhaust wide wheel crowd.
This is so true. You will never see a German drive with their fogs on. And if you turn yours on during the day or night without fog you will get some Germans to flash you to let you know you have them on. This is the weirdest thing though because my wife drives with her headlights and fogs on 24/7 in her Contour SE. It really pisses me off but one thing it does do is help me Identify her car from a distance. All I have to do is look for "HID look" headlights and fogs on a light colored car and I know its her. I can tell her car apart from at least a 1/4 mile or more away. It still pisses me off though.
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