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TV: Infiniti vs. BMW

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Just got this email.... :banghead:

On TV Monday night: The G35 sedan and BMW 330i go toe-to-toe.

As soon as the new Infiniti G35 sedan arrived in the showroom,
it started making quite a name for itself. So much so that
Motor Trend decided the time was right to do an in-depth
comparison to name the king of the sport sedans. Be sure to
watch the G35 take on the BMW 330i and the Cadillac CTS on
"Motor Trend Television," airing on the Speed Channel, Monday
July 1 at 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) and again at
12 a.m. PST (check your local listings).

You'll see how the G35's 3.5-liter V6 engine, race-inspired
zero-lift* aerodynamics and curve-embracing, multi-link rear
suspension all come together to create a driving experience
unlike any other.

The automotive world knew the G35 was going to be a great car.
Tonight they, and you, are going to see just how right they were.
If you're hungry for more inspiring details on the new G35,

Accelerating the future(tm)

*With optional Aero Package.
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You know what I think BMW will do, is leave the E46 as is (no power increase) for the next few years until the model runs itself out, and figure out for themselves how many of the current BMW buyers buy BMW purely out of brand loyalty or image. Hell, the IS300 was suppose to be the 3 series killer 2 years ago, and BMW just set record sales 2 years in a row after the IS came out...If it ain't hurting the pocket book, they don't care.
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