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Hey all,

I've been a F21 owner since a week and I absolutely love the car. It drives amazing and looks great.
I have one disappointment however; it is the audio system the previous owner ordered it with.

I have the basic audio system without any tweeters.
I want to add some tweeters, but I want to keep an OEM look in the interior.

Do any of you have a recommendation as for what speakers I should order to use as tweeters, as well as where I can buy covers for the speakers (it's the triangle thing in the a-pillar) and as you all will probably know, they differ from the speaker covers of the F20 because they dont have the door trim. I saw an affordable F22 tweeter kit, and the F22 tweeter covers looked very similar to those of the F21, but I was told by the seller that they wouldn't fit the F21.

Do any of you know/have experience with this?

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