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Two new pics of the next gen 5

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This is a 'real' spy photo, still heavily masked. NO, it's not a Volvo, although the grill looks very similar. Same grill can be seen on the spy X3.

This one is again from the same magazine, computer enhanced.

Alex (Da Pix Man) :D
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Alex Baumann said:

They probably moved the pics. I'll search for another one.
Sorry Alex...

I saw that the links were dead, so I edited the post...

Yep, that's "Orangemarlin" (M3M5Z8)

He's our best customer. In the past couple of years he has bought from Cutter:

1. CL600
2. TT 225 Roadster
3. M3 Coupe
4. M3 Convert
5. M5
6. X5 4.4i
7. 740iA
8. A6 2.7T
9. Z8

I must be missing one fer sure...

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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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