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Thought I would toss this out for ideas, comments, experience.

2010 528xi about 96k miles on the clock.


Scan for codes with a number of tools. Some come up blank, some give more insight.

Narrowed problem down to a U0100 code, was able to clear just this single code from the EGS/Transmission Control Module and the SES/CEL/MIL went out.

What I did notice was kind of scary/interesting on the Freeze Frame side of things.

RPM - 16000!!!
Engine Temp - 400 F
Vehicle Speed - 0 MPH
Calculated Engine Load - 33.3%
Battery Voltage - 12.2 Volts

I do not think there is a problem with the battery or charging system on this car, will need to dig further. There does not appear to be any other obvious problem with the vehicle.

Freeze Frame was cleared when the EGS codes were cleared.

I clearly do not agree with the Freeze Frame info, not sure how you can have 16k RPM and 400F engine temp. 33.3% Calculated Load while the car is not moving.

Maybe there is a strange grounding problem??

Not sure if the 528 have the problems like the V8 E70 X5 where you can remove the alternator belt and NEVER have a no charging warning!!!

Think I will wait and see if any U codes return or see if this may be an intermittent problem.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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Lets see, what did I use to retrieve codes on this car.

Snap-On Solus Ultra with current software
Launch CReaderVI
Schwaben Profession BMW Scanner aka Foxwell NT510
Carly For BMW

Did I have the proper tool??

The reason some tools showed nothing even though the SES/CEL/MIL was on, it was becasue the error was in the EGS module and I guess the E90 does not have the Cog Of Death like earlier models and triggers the SES/CEL/MIL.

The tools are not the problem the garbage Freeze Frame data showed up the same on multiple tools, so this says for some reason the data being gathered by the DME was bad for some reason.

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My bad. If you're getting those values with a recognized scan tool, I'd guess it is a communication error. If it only happened once I'd chalk it up to a glitch. Maybe it was transmitting when you hit a big pothole and the electronics got gostled enough to mess up the data.

If it happens again I'd check all related cables and circuit boards for signs of corrosion or shorts.
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