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Just reposting this from e46fanatics. I could really use some help with this asap so I know whether to send them back or not.

I ordered some Umnitza Orion V4 Angel Eyes recently and am impatiently awaiting for their arrival (should be coming in the next couple days!). However, I've called all of the reputable shops in Vancouver and no one will do them. Their concern was that too many things can go wrong. I am not highly mechanical and I'd be very reluctant to follow a DIY. I also just can't imagine throwing my headlights in the oven and baking them lol. Sounds like a very extreme process... So I have a few questions.

1) Have any of you had any problems or issues occur after adding AE's to your facelifted headlights? Any condensation or moisture buildup?

2) Is there anyone in or around Vancouver who has done this before successfully that can help me out if I was to go through with it?

Let me know, thanks!

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If you have adaptive bi-xenon headlights like I do, I would seriously consider passing on this modification. These units are $900 each to replace if something goes wrong. I have a set of original Predator Chromium AEs still in the box because I decided I didn't want to chance it either.

After assisting a friend install in his M3, which was easy in comparison, I learned how junky this product was first-hand. Mind you, I'm talking about the original, not the version you purchased. On the facelift coupe the AEs are attached with double-stick tape which pulls off the chrome plating should you decide you want to remove them later. How are the new models attached? On the M3/non-facelift coupes, they were attached with brittle clips. During our install the clips broke and we had to jury-rig them using the thin wire from a bread bag twist tie. Yeah, nothing like classing up an M-car, eh? The whole process felt very 1988 Civic to me and I shelved the ones I bought.
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