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--Umnitza Service/Shop Tech - IMMEDIATE OPENING--

Umnitza specializes in a lot of different Automotive Lighting, Body Parts, and Accessories. We offer a wide range of products that allow customers to personalize their vehicles to their specifications. We also offer installation, modification, and lighting services.

We're improving our team and looking for a very customer oriented (must be an internal customer champion), responsible, honest, and motivated go-getter. All the cliches that mean you care about the customer experience and you want to get things done. You have to have a good work ethic and want to work with a good team of people. There is a lot of stuff to learn and do, and this is a great starting point in the company.

Why is working for Umnitza good? You get general and very specific automotive industry training. You also gain a good perspective on customer care, relationship management, and ability to multitask. And you don't have to wear a suit and tie or dress up like a penguin. And you get some cool parts for your cars are reduced prices.

Assistant Shop Manager
General Shipping/Receiving
Automotive Installation/Good Hands
Packing shipments
Willingness to learn and listen

Must have blood running through your body, we need living people only.
Know how to drive a manual, smg, automatic, dsg and any other acronym for a vehicle transmission, and be legally allowed to do so on public roads without police escort.
Must be able to use a tape gun, box cutter, pen, paper, and not confuse one for the other.
Must be able to sign your name on shipping documents without fear of the NSA.
Reasonably fit, some parts require minor Cirque De Soleil-like activities - wear comfortable shoes.

Know how to type, 30-60 words (intelligible) per minute.
Know how to use a computer (email, print, turning it on)

Please email your resume to [email protected], if your are selected and your resume is a good fit, we'll contact you.
$10-13/hr depending on qualifications @ 9am-5pm daily and some weekends if requested.
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