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I am having trouble trying to make the keyless entry happen on my 1997 523i. I am currently having to unlock the door manually. Here is what i have tried:

I have tried turning the key to position 1 then off within 5 seconds, holding unlock then pressing lock 3 times fast then releasing but the locks wont cycle to show it has worked. the LED on the key flashes constantly for 10 seconds but nothing happens.

I have tried that same process then finishing with key in ignition back to position 1 again, still nothing.

I have tried to position 1 then off fast 5 times then the unlock and lock 3 times combination, nope, still nothing.

I have tried the instructions for the IR key where you point it at the rear view mirror and push one of the buttons, but this doesn't work either.

I have scoured for different types of instructions and tried all i have found to no avail.

Fuse 53 hasn't blown, all locks and gas tank actuator are working fine, its just the remote keyless entry that isnt working. It last worked a couple of days ago, then suddenly stopped.

Please note: it is a 2 button key, i believe IR key, not diamond shaped, same shape as the 3 button boot key but with no boot button. Batteries are fine as LEDs on the key are strong.

Key image:

Any help greatly appreciated! Please and Thank You _sl_
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