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blackdawg said:
...since i no longer have a heavily modifed M benchmark car, the 325xiT really shines. it corners quite flatly going out at 65-70mph. i think it's often overlooked how well these cars get up and go and go and go. no?

anyhow, as nick 325xiT mentioned, we're going to be tracking the car, too. betcha (for once) i'll have a car which can outhandle its HP. (thank god).


coky nguyen
The E46 does handle very well. I love the way mine does. Not to beat a dead horse, but it's NOT a pig IMHO. At least it doesn't feel like one. Like you said, it "shines" when cornering fast. Too bad my Conti Sports are starting to suck even worse though. Actually, DSC saved my a$$ yesterday... :eek: I would've been able to fix it, but it's kind of comforting to know that you can trust DSC to get you out of tricky situations... I basically did nothing. Just watched it work its magic...
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