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I recently received a pair of OEM xenons and installed them, in my '03 e46 sedan. I went to my dealer and had them reprogram the car to recognize them. They said that they had problems doing so; that they were only able to get the xenons to work, but lost the halogen high beams. On the drive home, I noticed one xenon bouncing, and, upon inspection, discovered that the bulb assembly was loose and could not be fixed. To make a long story short, I yanked out the xenons and put back the halogens.

Then, I had to go back to the dealer. The first time, in addition to not getting everything programed to work correctly, they wiped out the personal settings of the car -- autolocks, clown nose blink, etc. So, when I brought it back I asked them to put all of that stuff back, too. Still, they could not get the halogen high beams to work -- the flash-to-pass function works, but if you flip the switch forward to use the high beams the dash indicator says that they are on, but the bulbs do not light.

They said that the DME needs to be replaced. I said that the xenons halogens worked when I brough the car to them (the xenons had halogen high beams) and when I took it home they did not, so I think that they did not have the correct programming code installed.

I totally regret this whole project. From what I read on the boards this should have been an easy mod, but now I am a bit stuck. Does anyone know what the correct modic code is to correct this situation? The dealer did not replace the DME and, instead, said that next time the car is in they will diagnose it further. I think that means they know the DME is fine, but are a bit stumped on what programming needs to be done.

Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.
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