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Unofficially what is BMW's color?

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For example, I would say Ferrari's color is red, while Mercedes Benz's color is silver. I suppose Jaguar's color is racing green.

IMO, BMW's color is white.
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Imperial White

I used to be very much into F-1, and my memory may be fading, however I believe the "official" color for Germany was Imperial White......Some one might want to double check that though....
Imperial White

Mike 325xi said:

Per this chart white is the official color for Germany but that silver was used often because they would leave the body as unpainted metal...I assume that's how the famous Mercedes and Auto Union silver cars came to be.
Thanks for the chart... Lots of good info. It also explains why Luigi Chinetti's North American Racing Team NART Ferraris were White and Blue, the USA colors......
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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