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Unofficially what is BMW's color?

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For example, I would say Ferrari's color is red, while Mercedes Benz's color is silver. I suppose Jaguar's color is racing green.

IMO, BMW's color is white.
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Re: Re: Unofficially what is BMW's color?

Mike 325xi said:

F1 racing used to be colored by country. Germany was silver (thus your Mercedes silver,) Italy was red, England was green (hence the name "British racing green") the US was blue with white stripes etc......every country had a unique color or color combo.

So I personally would say it's still silver along with Mercedes, Ausi, Porsche etc...IMHO. :)
Actually US was White with Blue stripes. Remember first GT-350, GT-40.

France was Blue, hence French Racing Blue. I had a Fiat 850 in that color.

Japan was White with Red.
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