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I recently got a 2007 X3 3.0si LCI and have been going through it fixing some stuff. Trying to determine why the central information display shows black I found out about the navigation DVD drive in the trunk. The small light on the front of the drive does not light up when the vehicle is started.

I'm pretty sure the drive may have gotten wet and died at some point. There is some rust and corrosion on its housing some spots look like the water may have dried out on it. I don't see any moisture in the area now but I did see one thing I have been unable to figure out.

The two wire connectos and antenna are plugged into the drive however I saw another set of wires just hanging in the space between the drive and the ?ibus? module on the ground below it. I've added a picture of them below. Are these for an unsued option? or am I missing a module that they should have been plugged into?

Just want to make sure this isn't another thing I need to check into before I try getting the drive repaired to see if it helps with the blank central display.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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