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"Unpublished" options with ED?

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Can anyone tell me where I can find a list of options that can be ordered with European Delivery vehicles, but not on a 'standard' delivery? For example, a search through past topics revealed a discussion about a rear sunshade.

I am especially interested in different wheels and M aero pkg (without sport pkg) for 330xi.
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with euro-delivery you are more restricted in what options you can order. It will be a fight with BMWNA to get them to approve any non-standard options or colors. This is because when you do a euro-delivery, BMW is essentially the dealership. If you walk away from the deal, there's a chance that BMW will have produced the car and will then have to find another buyer. THis is the same reason that many people run into problems when trying to order special options through a regular dealer. Some dealers will do it, some won't. With euro-delivery you're stuck with BMWNA's policy and they won't budge. They may have been a little more lenient in past years, but they're very strict as of 2001. Any rear sunshades, or special paint or other options you've seen on this board have probably been on a regular US delivery. The only thing you *may* be able to get is cloth seats- but I think as of 2002 MY they may have made that impossible too.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive. Many people think that since they're doing a "euro-delivery" they should be able to get some "euro options". Unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way. If it did, it would make euro-delivery even cooler!

One other interesting tidbit--
In the course of doing my euro-delivery, I happened to call the delivery center in Munich to check on the status of my car. I happened to speak to a guy who used to work for BMWNA (and was high up but I forget his title now). He was currently working for BMW AG, and happened to be in the Freimann delivery center when I called. The first guy I spoke to didn't speak English so he passed me to this guy.
ANyway- we started talking about all sorts of stuff- the fan problem, steering, why not bring the compact over, BMW competitors, etc.. But, one of the topics that came up was the limited options that are available to US customers. He told me that one of the reasons that we don't get bigger options list with more a la carte options has to do w/ the pricing that BMWNA gets from BMW AG. BMWAG gives BMWNA special prices for the various packages because it allows them to better predict the demand for various options and set pricing. Therefore, BMW AG gets upset when they receive an NA order with an a la carte option-- like sport seats without the sport package. They've gotten stricter and stricter on this point, and have pretty much forbidden packages from being broken apart. The other factor that makes it difficult of course is that dealers want to have a limited number of variations so that they don't have one-off, strange cars in their lots that they can't sell. In EUrope, if you order it, you buy it. Most dealers over there also keep little if no stock.
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If you read my post I think you'll discover why we don't get the a la carte options. I also went on the factory tour and thought it was kind of funny that the tour guide made such a big deal about how every BMW is customized and how you can order anything. Most of the people on the tour were Americans. I spoke up and said that it wasn't true-- the tour guide was embarassed and surprised. Anyway, the main problem is that American customers are legally bound to buy the car when the place an order-- this means that they can walk away and the dealer or BMWNA is left with an odd car that may be hard to resell. In Europe, you almost always have to order your car and when you do you have to buy it-- so they're willing to build what you want. I do think that BMWNA could find a way to draw up some legal contrract to make it possible for US customers who are willing to order, and willing to pay upfront to get these options. It is indeed the same assembly line and should pose no additional complexities.
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that's interesting. But it sounds like Volvo never makes you pay in full prior to delivery of the car. I'm not sure with BMW's program if you could request a refund after you've given them the money 1 month prior to pick-up. I don't recall any "binding" language in any contract I signed for euro-delivery. Anyway, if it is binding, then BMW could just let you pay 2 months in advance (or whatever they need), so that they could be sure that they have your money and commitment before they build your bright purple stretch 3 series w/ snakeskin seats and built-in minibar- or whatever.
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