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Update on the issues with my 323i

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just e-mailed BMWNA through owners circle and now i will call them hope fully i will get some where

and for those of you who dont know the whole story of my problems here is a copy of the e-mail

I am writing to you about the recent RECCOURING UNRESOLVED problems with my 2000 323i

About 5 months ago my car was very sluggish and to shift into gear i had to use all my strength and it was very very notchy, and there was a LOUD THINKING from the center rear of the carwhen shifting gears so i went to Difeo BMW with this issue and they replaced my clutch for me and told me the thunking was NORMAL. The car remained fine for about a week and the notchiness came back i went to difeo BMW again and they refused to recoignize the issue . i thought it was just in my head so i dismissed the issue but after a week the problem deteriorated. I went back again and the dealter ship took the car for service and a day later told me they had drained all fluids and VISUALLY CHECKED the parts and nothing was wrong and gave me back the car this problem still persisted and i went back over and over agaion to the dealership but the dealer refused to recognize or address the issue.
In late december the car became almost impossible to drive so i took it to the service department of the dealership where i bought the car, PARK AVE BMW, they recognized the issue, only the notchiness, not the LOUD thunking noise and took the car in and later that evening advised me that the transmission on the car needed to be changed. they went ahead ordered the part and replaced it
Then i went on vacation for 2 weeks last month so drove is abt 2-3 weeks with the new tranny and could still feel the notchiness in the car but dismissed it as a mental block. But after a couple of weeks i took the car in to PARK AVE BMW, spoke to their service technician who performed repairs on the car lat time, took him for a test drive, his comments were definately there is a problem but they cant replace any thing until they get an authorization from BMW coz the tranny has already been replaced...and at this point he recognized the thunking noise as an issue... one of the BMW reps STEVE GREEN came out I met him and he test drove the car and said there was definately some thing wrong but they didnot know what, so i should make an appointment and take the car in for service. I took my car in yesterday morning and called up the dealership in the evening to find out the status of the car the service advisor informed me that they did not know what was wrong they had the whole car opened up and they would get back to me
Yesterday evening I called up BMWNA customer support and explained to them the whole situation. The rep told me that she would call BMWNA first thing in the morning and call me back, it is 3 pm EST still havent heard back from her. I have also left numerous messages for my service advisor to find out the status of my car but to no avail
i paid what BMW asked and i thought i was paying for quality and german craftsmanship.. not this piece or metal.. which needs to go in for major repairs every month i mean this is worse than my 1990 honda which had 275,000 Miles on it and all i did was regular oilchanges at 2500 miles ... and this is what i get ...
what is this i am now doubting the quality of this car Now i have second / third thoughts about BMW and the quality. I pay what the next guy pays for his car and why do i have to deal with so many problems ...
I was planning to buy the car and keep it for a long time and get a mini cooper also for my wife BUT now i have to re think that

:dunno: :thumbdwn:
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