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OK, bought this on Sunday, installed it in a few minutes. Even able to hide 99% of the antenna wire with no installation experience. Seriously, easy. Of course it has a lighter mount that does not use the iDrive system. Like I said, cheap fix. But, for whatever reason, it DOES use an FM modulator and it works very very very well! No sh!t.

I live in Chicago, tons of radio stations, so hard to find an empty spot. The XM website gives you good stations to tune to and the first suggestion worked great, until I got right into the city, downtown specifically. I have to check the website for a suggestion for that zip code. There's even an FM button on the XM unit that gives you an alternative to the station you have programmed into the unit. Why is that good? It means that instead of punching in another station on the XM unit, you hit the FM button and it goes right to that alternate station on the XM unit, and all you have to do is have the same station programmed into the car. EASY. Makes it easy to switch stations when you know you're hitting another area.

NOW THE COOL PART!!!!!!! : It does NOT say anything at all about iPod connectivity in the XM Skydock instructions, why would it. Well, I'm fiddling around with the XM unit and decide to hit the ipod icon on the iphone, lo and behold, I get my ipod music streaming through my speakers, and great clarity as well. Some how the iPhone now being connected to the XM Skydock can use it's FM modulator as well.

Of course, no iDrive controls can be used, but because of the setup of the dock, it holds the iphone either veritical or horizontal and it's extremely convenient to your right hand. AND the volume controls do NOT work on the iphone when it's connected, so there's no chance of blowing out your system like others have mentioned. It's also great to check email, texts etc as you don't have to pick up your phone. And it charges your phone at the same time. Can't say enough good about this. Making me think the Dension I just ordered was a waste of money.

Anyone want my iphone cradle? :)
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