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Upgraded Electronics Project Complete

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I just finished modernizing my 2006 650 with upgraded electronics. Replaced the CCC with a CIC, new screen, new iDrive controller, backup camera and MMI that provides CarPlay. Purchased the kit from BimmerTech. Very pleased with the end result. Makes the car feel almost new again.

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Nice job. I did mine years ago and never regretted it.

FYI there is actually a different AC control panel for the CIC. Rather than MAX and Rest there are passenger and drivers buttons and it does work differently. I may have a spare if you're interested.

yes, I did the install myself.
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No coding but there are some wiring changes needed.
Does the updated AC / ventilation controller require coding to the vehicle or it is completely plug and play?
This is a very long thread but somewhere in here ire the wiring changes.

I think I put in the extra +12v from a jumper from the same connector or another connector on the same panel, but yes there is also another change from one pin to another I think on the blue connector.
Yep! You have to tap a hot wire. I think I used the emergency flashers and run it to the ACC controls. Seems like there was anther change but I don't remember now. A quick search will get you a DIY to update to IHK2
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