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Upgrading to 02 330cic

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I have decided to upgrade my 97 328ic to a new one.

I went to test drive one and NO ONE around northern virginia has one for me to drive.

So I had to test drive the coupe and I LOVE IT.

But before I placed the order I wanted to know if the feel would be the same in a 330 coupe and the convertible.

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Here is a picture.......

........of the color combination.


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Can't comment on the 330Ci vs 330Cic differences, but I can comment on 325Ci vs 325Cic... I drive an '01 325Ci - with PP, stick, Xenon and leather. My mom has an '02 325CiC with PP, SP, stick, heated seats and leather.

From the driver's seat there's not much difference especially with the top up. Top down is only better (I couldn't quite justify the Cic when I bought...). Only some little things are different -- like placement of the garage door opener (on mirror for Cic) and on the Cic, the inner windshield frame is black plastic instead of the seat-color cloth lining.

Back seat on the Cic is narrower to hold the top mechanism, and its also a little less comfortable to sit in vs the coupe, but still quite good for a convertable.

Trunk on the Cic is noticable smaller -- but the mechanism to capture back some of the space with the top up helps out.

Driving wise, they are very similar. I didn't drive the 2 cars back to back (mine is in Atlanta, hers in Phoenix), but I really couldn't tell the difference with the extra weight in the Cic, although I'm sure it was a little slower.
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I just got a 330cic and looooooooove it. I never really considered myself a big convertible fan, but my fiance steered me in that direction and now I'm very glad she did. The car is surprisingly tight for a drop top, and despite the added weight it is much quicker than the 99 328i it replaced. The engine sounds so sweet with the top down. Maybe my elation will subside after a Philadelphia winter in the car, but unless it starts developing a whole lot of squeeks and rattles that it doesn't have now I doubt it. It would take a lot of aggravation to overcome the joy of having the open sky above on nice days - both at night and during the day. The beauty of this car is that even on days when you can't put the top down, you can still enjoy the power and handling of a BMW 330.

Speaking of which - it's 75 and cloudless outside, time to get out of the office and into the car.
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I have a 2001 325 CiC with the same color combo (Orient Blue and Sand). It's a great car. Couple of points.

1. Because it's a convertible, you will experience some chassis flex on bumpy roads. It's not bad, but definitely there. For that reason the ride overall is not as good as the coupe.

2. With the top up, you may hear rattles inside the car. Nothing really bad, but again, it's not as rigid as the coupe.

3. The acceleration will be a tad slower than the coupe because it weighs about 400 pounds more.

However, once you drop the top on a nice day you won't care about the other stuff. Enjoy!
Yeah...what he said.

Do *NOT* under any circumstances complain about rattles. It's a convertible, the top is a metal frame and some Also do *NOT* complain about the ride. Its' a convertible, a 4 seat convertible at that, and has had it's roof chopped. Therefore it doesn't have the stiffness of the coupe. If you want to see what they did to reinforce the chassis because of the missing roof, crawl under the back, there's two bars that run to the middle of the car. That's all I can see they did. Testiment to how stiff the e46 chassis is. Handling will be a noticebly impacted, ride is a little choppier and the top rattles.

That being said, there's NOTHING like having your ears start to sting at 125mph with the top down. :D

Also, don't be a schmuck and buy that wussy air blocker thing.

PS. oh yeah, even with a 330 and a 5sp, mid range and top end definately suffer from the extra weight. Don't notice it too much up until 3rd.
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Thank you everyone for your honest comments.
Now I least I know what to expect.

This is why i love this community, there is always someone willing and knowledgeable about whatever BMW issue or question that comes up.

thanks again.
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