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Can't comment on the 330Ci vs 330Cic differences, but I can comment on 325Ci vs 325Cic... I drive an '01 325Ci - with PP, stick, Xenon and leather. My mom has an '02 325CiC with PP, SP, stick, heated seats and leather.

From the driver's seat there's not much difference especially with the top up. Top down is only better (I couldn't quite justify the Cic when I bought...). Only some little things are different -- like placement of the garage door opener (on mirror for Cic) and on the Cic, the inner windshield frame is black plastic instead of the seat-color cloth lining.

Back seat on the Cic is narrower to hold the top mechanism, and its also a little less comfortable to sit in vs the coupe, but still quite good for a convertable.

Trunk on the Cic is noticable smaller -- but the mechanism to capture back some of the space with the top up helps out.

Driving wise, they are very similar. I didn't drive the 2 cars back to back (mine is in Atlanta, hers in Phoenix), but I really couldn't tell the difference with the extra weight in the Cic, although I'm sure it was a little slower.
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