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Yeah...what he said.

Do *NOT* under any circumstances complain about rattles. It's a convertible, the top is a metal frame and some Also do *NOT* complain about the ride. Its' a convertible, a 4 seat convertible at that, and has had it's roof chopped. Therefore it doesn't have the stiffness of the coupe. If you want to see what they did to reinforce the chassis because of the missing roof, crawl under the back, there's two bars that run to the middle of the car. That's all I can see they did. Testiment to how stiff the e46 chassis is. Handling will be a noticebly impacted, ride is a little choppier and the top rattles.

That being said, there's NOTHING like having your ears start to sting at 125mph with the top down. :D

Also, don't be a schmuck and buy that wussy air blocker thing.

PS. oh yeah, even with a 330 and a 5sp, mid range and top end definately suffer from the extra weight. Don't notice it too much up until 3rd.
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