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Hi All,

I made a real stupid mistake I think.
I basically wanted to top off my power steering fluid in a 2012 335i which has hydraulic steering
I stupidly used a jug that we use for water - As far as I know the jug was empty and looked dry, I poured around 150-200ml of the power steering fluid into the jug and it sat in there for around 5 minutes.

I then topped up the reservoir and there was around 100ml left in the jug. When I looked at it tho there was some small "drops" (of water) in there, and that is when it clicked that I should have made sure the jug was actually dry.

I have checked online and everyone is like oh **** drain out asap etc etc etc

2 things I wanted to check is one, is it any different because its a hydraulic system and secondly can I get away with emptying the top black reservoir tank and refilling it with fluid from the actual can.

Just panicking and dont want to cause damage to the car.

ok so I just checked - I think it was literally 3 drops of water. I just checked the same jug and poured some hydraulic fluid in it and whisked it a little and it looks worse than it is because of lots of tiny bubbles.

My thinking is the 5 minutes I left the jug for- the water would have settled at the bottom so even then hardly anything would have went into the reservoir.

I have not moved the car or switch it on or anything so just for safe meaure the pipe that is coming out of the reservoir I will take off, drain the reservoir flush a little fluid through it for good measure and connet pipe back on and refill

Will this be ok?
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