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Urgent!!! What did I do wrong??

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Yesterday took my car to car wash(hand wash) and then when I went home, I started the first polishing job on my baby.

With the zaino applicator, I applied z1 on the whole car and then when I finished, I started applying Z2.

When I am done with Z2, I started using a 100% made in usa towel to take off the wax BUT I COULDNT TAKE IT OFF?!?!?!!

Its like the wax is stuck on the paint and I had to scrub very hard to get it off. I spent like 2 hours but still the wax is stucked on the paint. What have I done to my baby??? :bawling: :bawling: :bawling:

Help this rookie plzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!
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First time with Zaino ? Probably you used 'too' much. The magic word is 'very thin coats'. I had the same problem at first.

If it still won't come off, use a damp towel, wipe it off and apply it again very thin coats ( I mean very thin)

Damp the cotton applicators with water or squirt a few drops Z6 and put Z2 or Z5 on it, spread it with your finger, and ready to go.

Humidity is an enemy of Zaino, it takes ages to cure if the weather is humid. If you have the chance to leave the car under the sun, first apply Zaino and leave it under the sun. According to Sal Zaino, it takes about 20-30 minutes to cure under the sun.

BTW, you can use Zaino under the sun.
bimmee said:
Yes, first time :(

And yes I just tried again to buff it off, it wont come off :cry: :cry:

And its raining today :bawling: :bawling: :bawling:
Good, stop crying now :D

Do what I wrote above.

Don't forget , thin coats
bimmee said:

Cant help :bawling: , my baby is only less than 2 weeks old.

So, please bear with this rookie, can i ask how much(just about, like how many pea size drops) is enough for say the hood?

Thanks for the advice, cant do anything until tonite :(
With one pad you should be able to do the hood easily. (even that maybe not thin enough) It takes a bit practice, but don't give up. As I said before, damp the applicator with Z6 and you'll be fine.

BTW, if you can find foam wax applicators , buy them. They are much more effective to use.
bimmee said:

I tell ya, I was so angry at myself last nite I told myself I will just take it to the carwash. Those machines will do less damage then what I did.... scratch marks, swirl marks, residue marks.......

When you said one pad, ummmm, how much is that exactly? :confused: :confused: Dont want to do it wroong again..
Take the cotton applicator, squirt a little Z6 , and squirt a big 'X' in the middle. That should be enough.
bimmee said:

Ok, I can understand that :p

So the same amount for Z1 as well?

Thanks sooooooooooo much Alex
Yep, thin coats for Z1 as well.

I know you can do it! :D
in_d_haus said:
OR.... switch to a Carnauba wax product 'cuz Zaino is a PITA! :D

Try Griots Best of Show or Carnauba wax... it's da bomb baby! :thumb: :D
Who let you in here? :D I think Rip forgot to close the door :bigpimp:
For those who are praising WAX in THIS ZAINO THREAD, May the DEVIL visit your Nightmares :D

Where are my Zaino buddies ? :cry: :bigpimp:

Shine + Durability = Zaino , you Waxheads :mad:

For those who are wondering how Zaino looks, I recommend them to check my car's pics. :tsk:

Get off of my Zaino thread !
in_d_haus said:
They already do, every time I dream about Zaino on my car it's a nightmare :yikes:
Hahaha! very funny Mister. Check Rip's travel thread. 4700 miles a few weeks drive and wax was pooof ! :lmao: :bigpimp:
Ripsnort said:
"Can't we all just wax (get) along?" LOL!
yes, we can. :p (Haus
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bimmee said:
so haus, now i am curious, what makes zaino such a pita?? and what makes griots better????
ZAINO is not PITA. Apply thin coats and it's the easiest thing to buff off.
Re: Re: this thread was Carnuba - jacked

bimmee said:
3. watch the weather forecast a week before you plan to zaino
you don't need to watch the weather forecast for Zaino. If you have a garage, apply it in the evening, buff it off the next morning. That's it.:thumb:
IndyMike said:

Super! Nothing too exotic mind you. I'll take mine in steel gray, Haus in bright red and Rip and Alex will settle for all black!
You all lost me, I'm not in for an AlohaAlexfest :tsk:

Alexfest in PA and CA rulez :thumb:
Re: Re: Re: Re: this thread was Carnuba - jacked

bimmee said:

Dont have a private garage :(

I did it in our parking garage. Wouldnt humidity affect the way it works??
no, as long as it's a covered place, don't worry. I park my car also in a garage with 25 other cars.
in_d_haus said:
typical kraut, prefers cheese and oompah music in PA to grass skirt chasin in Alohaville :tsk: :lmao:
Heh ? How far is the next populated soil around Hawaii ?

OTOH, De gustibus non est disputandum. ;)
in_d_haus said:
The better question is "Where's my Daiquiri?
I'll be thinking of you when I'm in Huntington Beach :D :bigpimp:
IndyMike said:

It escapes me too, Haus. Alex would rather build a barn with
Phil-adelphia in PA and trade Alpina model cars with Vin-man in CA, than go to true paradise. :dunno:
Don't worry, I'll be in paradise the moment when I'm sitting behind the Alpina Wheel :D
Re: Zaino is a PITA to buff

Intermezzo said:

Zaino is a PITA to buff, but I guess I should have used an applicator instead of pouring it straight out of the bottle unto my car and squirting some ZFX right on top of it.....hehe
:lmao: :lmao:

As I started to read the post I though I was going to faint. :D
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: hey bimmee..(off topic)

IndyMike said:

Hey, why isn't he Zaino'in instead of you?

Don't tell us the bum is surfin' while you're sufferin'?
*sigh* none of my g/f even mentioned to detail the car :tsk:
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: hey bimmee..(off topic)

IndyMike said:

What? And break a nail? Have you no compassion you cad? :D
Stop there :confused: nails and my car's paint ? 'Honey, didn't you say that you wanted to go shopping today? My wallet is on the desk' :D
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: hey bimmee..(off topic)

bimmee said:
Because he didnt read the instruction on how to apply. I did(um....I thought). :D
now that's a real guy with a perfect alibi :D :bigpimp:
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